Two big names: BitTorrent vs Utorrent explained

BitTorrent Inc. has produced both Utorrent and BitTorrent but there are striking dissimilarities between the two. Both of them are software meant for the purpose of downloading and uploading files. This is achieved with the help of BitTorrent protocol which was manufactured way back in 2001. The owner of BitTorrent, Mr. Bram Cohen holds the recognition for the manufacture of such an important protocol. The P2P technology also called peer-to-peer technology or connection is used in the process and makes downloading even large files possible. Large files can be downloaded from varied users at the same time by the combination of pieces and bits together. Thus, minimum resources are used for the purposes and more work is generated.

Prior to the arrival of version 6.0 in the market, bit torrent was largely in use as an unlocked source but not anymore. Now, it is available only by means of Microsoft Windows. The language C++ is used for the purpose of coding of the two programs. Besides sharing many similarities there are many differences which set them apart from each other. The first difference is that BitTorrent was the first one to implement bit torrent protocol while BitTorrent Inc. purchased Utorrent in the year 2006. Some other startling differences are BitTorrrent is also known as ‘Mainline’ owing to its official origin while no such name is known for Utorrent.

BitTorrent contains Search box for downloading and searching torrent files while in case of Utorrent one needs to customize the search box as per their needs. It also enables the user to know the figure of peers that it is linked to any given point of time. Multiple downloading can be done simultaneously with the help of BitTorrent software while this is not possible in case of Utorrent. The statistics is efficiently maintained by BitTorrent and are represented graphically. This makes it very user friendly. The portability of Utorrent is much more increased than BitTorrent while the graphical interface is more user friendly in case of BitTorrent. A single directory is used by Utorrent for the purpose of configuration settings and saving of temporary files. Thus the portability of Utorrent is found to be much more than BitTorrent. In case of BitTorrent, accidental shutdown does not cause much of a problem because of the innate recovery system. This feature is absent in case of Utorrent software. BitTorrent also enables the users to create their personal torrent files.

Utorrent does not support controlling from other system unless WebUI is plugged in. Utorrent also has a discreet version accessible for Mac OS.   Thus it is seen that it is accessible both with Mac OS as well as Microsoft Windows. Initially even Bit Torrent was an open source but after the advent of Version 6.0, it is only accessible by means of Microsoft Windows and thus acts as a closed source. In case of Utorrent, if any interference is observed, it enables the transfers to resume quickly. Thus, it can be said that in some cases BitTorrent owes an edge and in some other cases Utorrent has an edge.

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