People declare isoHunt Pro to be the best opportunities providing search engine on the web. IsoHunt has all the possible benefits that makes a torrent system good and effective, starting with its fast speed, high quality media, friendly outlook, simple usage. The setup of the whole thing is very clear so that even every beginner could use it without facing any difficulties.

The meaning is to get all kinds of audio-video files, programs, ebooks, games, documents fast to the computer. To get access to all of this, you need to become a member after what of course, all the downloading is free of charge. This has made it one of the most visited sites on the web.

isoHunt – what it is

It is a P2P torrent tracker that one can use for downloading music, movies, software, games and more for free to the computer.

What isoHunt Pro 2012 is

This is the latest, 300% faster speed and highest possible quality providing pro version of isoHunt.

What users can do with isoHunt

They are able to download and upload files to trade them with other users who are online.

How many users isoHunt has

It has already more than 3 million users.

How isoHunt can be used

Just sign up for membership and start sharing files with others. You can become a member here

How much downloading costs

It is free of charge for members who have signed up.

How can I uninstall this

If you are on your desktop, then drag the mouse on Start button and click on it. Go through Settings to reach Control Panel. From there open Programs – Uninstall, and activate the particular program that you wish to remove. Click on Remove button and you are done.

isoHunt Toolbar

It is an amazing toolbar that comes affiliated with the search engine to fulfill tasks performed by it. This toolbar is famous among the bittorrent users as the isoHunt toolbar. It is utilized in order to catch the shortcut way of hunting the special website. The method is helpful to provide a simple route to get attached with a single website of interest among the million ones. It is one of the obligate assistants of isoHunt Pro version. This toolbar contains some task buttons in order to command the search engine. Thus, the toolbar is affiliated with the direct affiliation method of getting a website to get required information. It’s nothing but like a process of filtering out the desired content from the wide ocean of knowledge i.e. internet. Moreover, this type of computer tool has been affiliated with the rapid navigation of websites, quick information, swift notifications etc. This can become ultimately useful and efficient to find out the applications of interest. It creates a powerful scenario for the search of some useful data in the internet.

Security issues with isoHunt Pro version

All around the world, there are more than 12 million searches the isoHunt tracker faces in a day. This can express the intensity of preferability of the isoHunt search engine. There is one more interesting and quite useful feature. It can detect the fake torrent sites and potentially alert the users not to download the false torrent files. The occurrence of a false torrent file can be identified by the appearance of pop up windows along with the opening of a file or it may introduce any advertisement with it.

The file format having .exe is also suspected for being a fake file if it isn’t expected to be an application. The isoHunt search engine often recommends the user to remain secured from downloading the false file as it might be passing any data corrupting agent. One can also get hints on the basis of indications of isoHunt on the respective file. It usually checks out the feedbacks from readers and reply comments. The file that has been containing enough positive replies from the search engine would be the true and clear one.