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Act now to help EU Renew the Copyright Law

World wide web has actually been battling to obtain along with copyright for long times and many feel this is the time to upgrade from the previous in order for it to function better. In determining ways to advance the EU Commission has actually opened up a public examination that permits all people together with the US to an uncommon chance to transform the course of copyright regulation. With simply 3 weeks remaining, the clock is ticking fast.

Every year we can hear sobs that copyright regulation is not just unhealthy to function in the electronic century, yet additionally greatly prejudiced to the show businesses and their business companions. Numerous understand that such legislations are merely enforced, however in truth individuals could have their wish, if they could make their thoughts listened to. Such possibility has now arrived.

The European Commission will certainly make a decision in 2014 whether to recommend brand-new copyright regulations and therefore is welcoming every person to send their perspectives in an open appointment. Whatever part a person has in the forthcoming of digital copyright, either you own one or you are just an internet user, all feedbacks count and not merely from EU residents but from other parts of the world also.

The appointment consists of more than 80 concerns, which suffices to discourage lots of people from taking part. There is no need to respond to all of the inquiries and folks can react to as numerous questions as they want. That claimed, the unrestricted attributes of the inquiries implies that it could often appear hard to see which associate with a specific problem. Noone should fret because the support is available.

Therefore website supplies a basic layout to tick boxes that routes submitters to the inquiries that matter to them and removes those which do not. Participants who want to say along about online sharing and copyright legislation, only require to click on a couple of boxes and add their encounters. People interested in fair use ought to browse through the 24th line while those trying to find activity on responsibility for middlemen must concentrate on concerns 75-77. There are lots of various other subjects also, featuring copyright term constraints, exemptions, problems of relevance to collections, therefore each vital component is attended somehow. For further advice on European laws, check out the guide to the best law company in Europe and Switzerland

Users wishing to take part in the comprehensive 80 concern assessment must visit the European Commission’s website, though whatever technique individuals make use of to react the crucial point is to take part. The target date to act is 5th of February 2014, so at the time of this article being published you have 3 weeks to do so. Do not waste time and participate today.

Plastic Dog Crates

Plastic Dog Crates

The Peculiarities of Plastic Dog Crates

Every dog owner needs to get a crate for his pet at some point. It can be very useful if you travel somewhere or simply take your pet to a vet. However, the question arises. Which material should it be made of? The selection of options on the modern market allows choosing from soft-sided, plastic, metal, and wooden crates. Each of them has some pros and cons that make the choice even more confusing. Today, we’ll focus on the plastic ones and learn all their peculiarities. You’ll also find out if it’s worth purchasing.

The Advantages of Using Plastic Dog Crates

Clearly, the biggest reason to pick this material is the ease of cleaning it. You may simply hose them off. This type of material, unlike wood, for example, doesn’t have pores. It means no dirt, pests, etc. will get in it. Just use soap and water to bring it to order once in a while. If this is the key condition for you, you can stop reading now and go buy a plastic crate. This is the best material from this angle. Another reason is durability. Compared to soft-sided crates that can be easily damaged, plastic is a more durable option. If you are flying with your dog, this can be the best and most convenient solution. Yet, metal is obviously stronger and will serve you longer. Plastic dog crates can be stacked together and stored if you have several dogs but no need to use them. Just like soft-sides models, you can put them aside whenever you don’t need them. If your dog keeps scratching or has anxiety issues, this will be a better choice since it calms them down. So, if your pet has similar problems, this is the best possible choice.

The Disadvantages you Should be Aware of

However, plastic has some drawbacks, too. If you have a relatively large dog breed, the pet can chew through it. It’s not going to be easy but some determined dogs can do it. When the dog is outside of it, you might find it chewing the corners, for instance. Although plastic crates have no problem with pests, fleas, etc. it does absorb odors. With the flow of time, you’ll realize that you can’t get rid of the dog small. While being more durable than some other options, you can still break it just like your hard-shell suitcase. Finally, it takes lots of space since you aren’t able to fold it and store it like that.

Extra Tips for Choosing the Best Plastic Dog Crate

If you are not very familiar with the variety of the market, you may start exploring by learning more about the Petmate brand. It manufacturers lots of plastic crates so that you were able to pick the size and design you want. Probably the most popular model is Petmate Sky Kennel. It’s the most durable and works perfectly as an air-cargo. Regardless of which option you pick, make sure it doesn’t have rough edges on the inside lest your dog got hurt. It’s also important to have good ventilation. The airflow will not only help you keep the smell away but can be more convenient for dogs that don’t feel comfortable in the small locked places. Take into account the purpose of the purchase and where you plan on using the crate to get the best option.

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Is McAfee Good for Business?

McAfee is one of the oldest antivirus programs on the market. You are sure to have heard about it or even used it. It also often comes along with Adobe products. There are 2 basic versions of this software: free and paid. If you need this software for business purposes, you can easily discard the free one. Is McAfee good for business? Let’s learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the program and find out the answer to this question.

The advantages of McAfee

Using this antivirus, you are sure to experience lots of benefits like:

  1. A rich selection of features and tools,
  2. Guaranteed virus removal,
  3. Excellent anti-phishing scores,
  4. The support of an unlimited number of devices (especially good news for business owners),
  5. Live chat customer support.

The disadvantages of McAfee

On the other hand, there is still a place for improvement:

  1. Relatively expensive,
  2. A confusing interface which won’t suit the inexperienced users,
  3. Mixed reviews from the independent lab tests.

Top 3 things you need to know if you want to get McAfee for your business

Before you buy a subscription plan, you should visit the official website. It has a ton of information about every existing version. This will answer most of your questions about the peculiarities of the business version as well as tell you about the promotions and deals for it. An official site is also a place where you will activate the license key.

The minimum requirements are pretty basic and most modern laptops and PCs can handle it. McAfee is an especially good choice if you use Adobe programs often. They work well together. The software will bring you other tools in the bundle. You’ll get disk cleanup, secure deletion, speedup tool, etc.

Is McAfee good for business? Well, it has had some quality improvements recently. You’ll get new ransomware protection tools that are sure to shield you from brand-new ransom attacks. Besides, you’ll get a firewall. This is one of the most outstanding features since it delivers excellent results in all tests.

One important thing to keep in mind

Remember that McAfee has an auto-renewal program. This means you’ll automatically be billed again when the old subscription expires. If you wish to stop getting this antivirus support, you don’t only need to uninstall the program. You must visit your account at the official site and stop the subscription.

The verdict

All in all, McAfee is a decent choice for business. The quality of the services has greatly improved over the past couple of years. Besides, it’s very convenient since one account can cover all the devices you need. This way you can track the expenses on antivirus protection from one account. McAfee is sure to stop malware, viruses, and other threats from getting to your PC and infecting files.


Thor: The Dark World (2013) Summary

Most super hero fans probably know this name, and this is the latest release of the series. 112min full of action brings your attention to an enemy who is too mighty even for Asgard or Odin. Thor must stand up against this evil and cruel opponent. He will meet Jane Foster to put all in together in order to save others. Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Natalie Portman as Jane.

About Time (2013) Read here

About Time (2013) Read here

Another comedy, but maybe more romantic compared to the last review. The movie already got high rating in IMDb and is probably fun to watch. Domhnall Gleeson as the main star and also Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy in this film. Being mainly a comedy, this movie falls into the drama category as well. Tim is 21 years old when he travels in time where he has the ability to change things in his life. He arranges things so he has a girlfriend in life but this does not turn out to be as good as he wished.

Delivery Man (2013) About

Delivery Man (2013) About

Starring with Vince Vaughn and Chris Pratt, this comedy is a really something you should see. The humour begins after a guy realizes he has given donation to a clinic for 533 children to be born. Later he has to think of what happens when some part of them begin a court case to find out about the father’s identity.

Black Nativity (2013) Review

A teenager raised by mother alone in Baltimore has seen the street life during his childhood. Now when it is Christmas time and the boy is having a vacation, he visits his relatives in NYC. He would never have thought to end up on a trip like that full of surprises and new experiences.

The Privacy of BitTorrent Will Be Taken to a Higher Level

BitTorrent is a very popular file sharing platform, which allows users to download and upload data in order to share it with other people. As this platform connects people with each other, protecting your private details represents a very important issue. Obviously, the team that operates BitTorrent is aware of this aspect. For this reason, it proposes a new concept, known as anonymity. Anonymity represents the latest privacy level that one can find these days. But is anonymity really safe? Can it actually help you to fully protect your private data?

Internet Privacy: BitTorrent Delivers the Next Level

Most BitTorrent users are not really happy with the privacy alternatives of this service. This is because there are only a few free options, which allow users to hide their identity. Furthermore, most of these options ensure some truly low connection speeds or some other restrictions that can limit the virtual experience of a user. For a fee, the users of BitTorrent have the chance to select a proxy or a VPN service, which allows them to hide their IP addresses. However, the truth is that most people are not willing to pay a monthly fee in order to secure their private data. Furthermore, many individuals, even those who pay for additional security services, are still worried with regard to their private data.

In order to help its users to put their worries aside, BitTorrent is about to launch a new service that provides free, unlimited, and fast anonymous access to its platform. Although this service has been functioning for a few years already, the developer is about to improve all of its functions in order to meet the expectations of its users. This service is widely known as Tribler client. It delivers a decentralized service, which does not function based on third-party websites or central servers.

The Tribler client mirrors a great approach, proposing users to moderate and download different files from the application itself. The functionality of Tribler client is based on pure communication, which maintains its peer-to-peer characteristics. This thing allows BitTorrent users to make file transfers more private.

The Tribler Client: Find Out How It Actually Works

The main idea that lies behind the concept, which sustains the Tribler client, relates to adding a proxy layer, which allows the system to act similar to “caches” of content. The system is meant to help BitTorrent to fulfill its purpose, which pretty much relates to offering users high download speeds while ensuring the privacy of VPN services.

The team working on this project is about to finalize it. This means that BitTorrent users will experience the latest privacy settings quite soon. Numerous tests of this new system show that increased anonymity will not sacrifice system’s speed. On the contrary, the Tribler client is ready to deliver improved security features and incredible speeds. Additionally, BitTorrent considers that the new code, which is about to change the history of this service, will outperform the offers of other file sharing providers, such as uTorrent. Due to the latest improvements, BitTorrent is one of the few peer-to-peer services that have great chances to become a standard of internet technologies. For this reason, it is currently tested and monitored by different broadcasting companies.

Open Wi-Fi Connections Cannot Be Harmed By Illegal File-Sharing

The role of an open Wi-Fi network in copyright infringement has generated a lot of debate in the entire world. Lawyers abound both arguing for and against the liability of the owners of such networks in the event of any copyright infringement. While one side argues for the rightful claim of copyright-holders over their content, the other side insists that holding an individual owner responsible for the action of others is wrong. And in a recent case in Finland, the court sided with the latter group.

The Necessity of Internet

To imagine people’s lives without the internet is almost impossible. The degree of human dependence on this medium is too large at the moment. This has also meant that people have invested large amounts of money in multiple devices with web-access feature and a range of networking equipment to feed those devices.

The Role of Wi-Fi & Wireless Routers

Most of the networking that is today commonplace in many homes is of a wireless nature. It is widespread upto the extent where such wireless networking is almost considered a basic requirement of any house. This has meant that the humble wireless router, which enables such wireless networks, is now at the center of a raging battle between lawyers working on file-sharing lawsuits. The million dollar question is,

“Should the owner of a wireless and unprotected network be held responsible for copyright infringement committed on his network by another unauthorized person accessing it?”

A Landmark Judgment

A Finnish district court explained its stand vis-à-vis the above question following an almost two yearlong case pertaining to file-sharing. A summary of the case is as follows,

In 2010, a local woman was identified and subsequently sued for infringing a copyright by the anti-piracy group CIAPC. The group claimed that the woman accessed Direct Connect to impede on the rights of certain members of the entertainment industry. They demanded that the woman pay up an amount of 6000 Euros for them to drop the lawsuit or face harsh consequences.

The woman, in a show of remarkable gut, instead chose to fight the CIAPC in a court of law. The alleged offence took place on July 14th, 2010 during a 12 minute time window. This was also the time when the woman’s home was playing host to almost a 100 people. The alleged copyright infringement could have been committed by anyone of them by accessing her open Wi-Fi.

Failure of CIAPC & Implications of the Judgment

In the end, the CIAPC was unable to pin down the woman as the culprit of the copyright infringement that was committed. In its overview of the case, the Finnish court also examined prevailing EU laws on the issue before pronouncing the woman innocent.

The court ruled that the owners of Wi-Fi connections cannot be blamed responsible for copyright infringement acts committed by third parties. Conversely, this is a stand that still generates a lot of heated debate in the USA.

As for the CIAPC, they still do have the option of appealing in the European Court of Justice. Meanwhile the ruling will definitely cause concern among Teosto and IFPI, both of which are Finnish Composer’s Copyright Societies currently engaged in tracking down Finnish music pirates.

Mpaa Filter Censors Legit Torrent Files

The recent legal censorship injunction imposed on the search engine application of BitTorrent, has resulted in certain undue repercussions. In addition to filtering out targeted keywords, the MPAA filter (which, incidentally, has to be compulsorily applied right across the entire website) is also blocking perfectly legitimate web content too, including songs on the public domain.

Quite understandably, the management has not reacted kindly to this MPAA filter regulation, which is widely being regarded as too strict and restrictive. Gary Fung, the owner of the website, has even gone to the length of saying that such keyword filtering requirements (while present for certain Chinese search engines) are practically unheard of for web operators serving in the United States. A formal appeal against the injunction has also been filed on behalf of isoHunt. However, as the tumultuous legal proceedings rage on, torrent trackers have no other option but to comply by the new keyword filtering laws. The consequences of non-compliance are dire: isoHunt might even have to shut down its operations in the US if it does not abide by the keyword censorship regulations.

Adding further fuel to the controversy related to the MPAA filters is the fact that, even independent movies, uploaded by their directors themselves, are now being blocked. Search results related to both big Hollywood hits as well as short, online films are being filtered. A prime case in point in this regard would be director Brian Taylor’s 18-minute long supernatural flick ‘The Bite’. The frustrations of the director were particularly enhanced by the fact that his movie was getting remarkably good responses from American as well as European users, before the faulty censoring system took it off the web altogether. Music lovers looking for old classics from the 1930s are facing similar problems.

The MPAA filtering requirements have forced to take off many popular keyword combinations from the search lists and this, in turn, is preventing users from accessing their favorite web content. Quite a few valid, dictionary-verified words are being censored, contradicting the general right to free speech that is accorded to all individuals. With downloadable public domain materials now being blocked from view, opportunities to make money on the web have also taken a hit. The scopes for filmmakers to showcase their creativity via isoHunt have also diminished considerably, thanks to the MPAA filter.

The biggest irony of the entire confusion is that, the censorship regulations are, in fact, hampering the work of internet-based people who have never stolen any resource from the torrent site. Indeed, it is being feared that the implications of such restrictive injunctions might not be limited to the operations of isoHunt only. Even the keyword bases of the premier online search engines can also come under the scanner.

The idea of not being allowed to access authentic, non-pirated web content has not gone down well with general web users either. Many are even viewing the MPAA filter applications to be equivalent to a deliberate attempt to boycott all popular online resources with American origins from the World Wide Web.