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The team of isoHunt Pro is manually checking the torrents for clean files and proper usage. The system also tracks every movement of its users. The personal information that is being gathered during the visit, will be held in secret and not revealed to any other party. The fact is that the human resources of our team is limited and that is why we cannot always see every disorder. That is why it starts form every one of us, to use the torrent tracker in the appropriate way to keep it function and work. The pro version has also more intelligent antivirus and spyware protections that the usual isoHunt does not have.

While using isoHunt, you are aware to take responsibility of your action and any misuse of the torrent tracker. You agree not to share spam, because infected and corrupt files will be removed, the owner of it, will be noticed. If the violation continues after all, the team takes the right to ban this user forever. Please note not to behave bad, or your user might get restrictions to isoHunt Pro search engine. The administrator and owners of this site are not responsible for the content on this website, and only provide the possibility to sign up for downloading legal data. This internet page is not connected to any other brands and is completely self standing webpage.

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