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Introduction of isoHunt

IsoHunt is the famous p2p BitTorrent search engine. It currently has millions of torrents within its database and tens of millions of peers who index and share the torrent files on a daily basis. IsoHunt belongs to the group of the most popular and longest running p2p torrent search engines running today. It maintains its high status by providing an easy to use web interface that allows users to find the torrent files that they are searching for quickly and easily. It also has download software released recently that gives even better experience of the torrent tracker and pro version. The isoHunt search engine had over 13.44 petabytes of information available to users as of September 2011. That is a TON of torrents.

IsoHunt was created in early 2003 by a man named Gary Fung. He came up with the name from the phrase “ISO image” which is used to describe a digital copy of a CD or DVD. Throughout its existence, the online isoHunt search engine has experienced several rises and falls. It has battled legal issues for years, insisting that it is not infringing on any copyright laws. Now the better pro version is here to stay.

What isoHunt Exactly Is

IsoHunt is a search engine website that gives people ways how to search for and download various types of digital files. You simply type in what you are looking for into the search box and click the “search button.” The website will return a list of results based on your search query. This list displays the most relevant results as well as how many people are currently downloading that file (leechers) and how many people are currently uploading the file (seeders). It is wise to download the version of the file you are looking for that has the most seeders. This will result in the quickest download time for you so that you can start reading, watching, or playing with the file that you were looking for on isoHunt. The Pro version has more seeders that make the entire process much faster.

IsoHunt brings both seeders and leechers together; it does not actually own or distribute the torrent files on its own. This is part of the reason that search engines such as this are allowed to operate legally. They are not actually infringing on any type of law because they are never in ownership of the actual file. IsoHunt simply provides a platform to find files that they may want to download or upload using the BitTorrent client. Pretty simple stuff when you think about it.

Files on isoHunt

There are almost 8 million torrents available for download via the isoHunt Pro search engine. Among the torrent files, there are over 190 million individual files. There are around 28 million “Peers” trading these files at any given time. These peers are the actual information you’re looking to download. IsoHunt simply allows you to find the information they are offering so that you can download it directly or using the isoHunt software.

IsoHunt Pro version is the latest introduction among several well known torrents around the web. It is a modified form of isoHunt, which is the best torrent search engine in its class. It  is the world’s most popular and convenient bittorrent search engine. This search engine assists the user to hunt the website of its choice from any site on the internet.

Discovery of isoHunt

For the first time, Kevin Bermiester, a computer programmer from the US, became successful in creating a file sharing program. This program soon got started to be used by millions of internet users. Its popularity increased at a rapid rate till the year 2005. Soon, it became the most popular protocol for sharing files between various internet users. On the other hand, isoHunt is an ultimate bittorrent web searching program that has billions of active users. It has been set up by Gary Fung, a computer programmer of Canada. This discovery took place in January, 2003. IsoHunt has also been suggested to be the oldest bittorrent search engine since 2003 as many of its competitors has been failed to serve the users more due to financial weakness. But, isoHunt proved itself as the strongest among all and continued to offer its service to millions of people amazingly. IsoHunt Pro is nothing but the current release of previous isoHunt technology.

Way to Use isoHunt Torrents

One can start utilizing the isoHunt Pro version by getting signed up and after the process, the user becomes capable of using the features of isoHunt torrents. The search engine plays an important role in carrying out this function in an easy way. These torrents are being updated on a weekly basis and become feasible to be obtained by the user in a probable manner. Once a person applies to the site by filling the application form, it can commit the searching and sharing of the desired data. The process of filling the application form just requires few personal information in order to know the user’s identity. It is just a matter of few moments to be affiliated with the world’s best searching engine. The system never reveals the data of users to any third parties.

Advantages of the Network

The information about the email address and details of the account has been taken just to clear out the verification of the user’s details. This process simplifies finalising one’s membership in the torrent searching. One can get unlimited benefits of the isoHunt Pro after signing in on the respective web searching site. After attaining the membership in this program one can utilize the data adopted from the website in its own way. It gets rights to visit the websites, read the content, download the content as well as share it through peer to peer technology. Many important news and notifications are being marked by the members of isoHunt time to time regarding the features and improved qualities of isoHunt. Recent news and current affairs are also subjected to the process of updating the torrent websites. One needs to commit an agreement for the terms and conditions of the company for becoming the member of  isoHunt Pro.

The isoHunt torrent tracker is the best computer technology to satisfy the people in their intension of getting swift and perfect service regarding data processing. The totally new version is a free service after you have registered yourself as a member. One can easily get the data of interest here and download it into the personal device. This service is free of cost for signed up users and does not charge any price for downloading files. Even the rapid downloading process is the matter of attraction for the clients. These highly appreciable qualities of the isoHunt torrents make it the exclusive one among its types to be selected by the web users.

Facts About isoHunt Torrents

•    Actually, isoHunt is a popular bittorrent search engine which is highly dynamic to meet the requirements of users. Network of bittorrent is famous to make a successful approach of p2p technology. The P2P technology stands for peer to peer system which has been referred for sharing files by various peoples.
•    IsoHunt is suggested as the fast and secured resource of downloading audio, video, music and movie files. It is known for its purity i.e. the torrent data is reliable for being clean from the adwares, malwares, spywares, virus etc.
•    A continuous process of filtration has been carried out regularly in which omission of the corrupted and virus infected data takes place. In this way, the user can be assured for the safe location of downloading respective data.
•    The process of downloading and the content downloaded by the isoHunt system has not been subjected for any charge or payment. It’s all free for users who have signed up.
•    The isoHunt Pro version is popular for its ultimate speed of data assessment and downloading process. Even, the downloading of large files, high defined movies and long videos can be performed with the enhanced speed of this latest version.
•    The oldest torrent search engine has more than 2 million torrent files in its database. Thus, it is clear that one can easily detect its favorite website most probably in the isoHunt Pro version.

Advanced Features of the Pro

The current isoHunt Pro contains many advanced features in order to beat the shortcomings with its old form. The isoHunt has been proposed as the third best search engines among the torrent ones but, its ranking is third by the downloading point of view. Now, the organisers of this search site are striving hard to bring it up on the no. 1 position. That’s why, the isoHunt Pro version has been discovered with comparatively better capacity. The performing efficiency of this version can be estimated by simply focusing on the fact that it is being updated every hour. The statistics for tracking the keywords and torrents which have been indexed are subjected to modification per hour in order to cover more and more torrent data in it. Most of the torrent sites are targeted by the efficient search engine to cover up more researched data in the internet. This process has carried out in a way that the torrent web searcher can meet frequently with the keywords typed on the isoHunt search bar.