The Privacy of BitTorrent Will Be Taken to a Higher Level

BitTorrent is a very popular file sharing platform, which allows users to download and upload data in order to share it with other people. As this platform connects people with each other, protecting your private details represents a very important issue. Obviously, the team that operates BitTorrent is aware of this aspect. For this reason, it proposes a new concept, known as anonymity. Anonymity represents the latest privacy level that one can find these days. But is anonymity really safe? Can it actually help you to fully protect your private data?

Internet Privacy: BitTorrent Delivers the Next Level

Most BitTorrent users are not really happy with the privacy alternatives of this service. This is because there are only a few free options, which allow users to hide their identity. Furthermore, most of these options ensure some truly low connection speeds or some other restrictions that can limit the virtual experience of a user. For a fee, the users of BitTorrent have the chance to select a proxy or a VPN service, which allows them to hide their IP addresses. However, the truth is that most people are not willing to pay a monthly fee in order to secure their private data. Furthermore, many individuals, even those who pay for additional security services, are still worried with regard to their private data.

In order to help its users to put their worries aside, BitTorrent is about to launch a new service that provides free, unlimited, and fast anonymous access to its platform. Although this service has been functioning for a few years already, the developer is about to improve all of its functions in order to meet the expectations of its users. This service is widely known as Tribler client. It delivers a decentralized service, which does not function based on third-party websites or central servers.

The Tribler client mirrors a great approach, proposing users to moderate and download different files from the application itself. The functionality of Tribler client is based on pure communication, which maintains its peer-to-peer characteristics. This thing allows BitTorrent users to make file transfers more private.

The Tribler Client: Find Out How It Actually Works

The main idea that lies behind the concept, which sustains the Tribler client, relates to adding a proxy layer, which allows the system to act similar to “caches” of content. The system is meant to help BitTorrent to fulfill its purpose, which pretty much relates to offering users high download speeds while ensuring the privacy of VPN services.

The team working on this project is about to finalize it. This means that BitTorrent users will experience the latest privacy settings quite soon. Numerous tests of this new system show that increased anonymity will not sacrifice system’s speed. On the contrary, the Tribler client is ready to deliver improved security features and incredible speeds. Additionally, BitTorrent considers that the new code, which is about to change the history of this service, will outperform the offers of other file sharing providers, such as uTorrent. Due to the latest improvements, BitTorrent is one of the few peer-to-peer services that have great chances to become a standard of internet technologies. For this reason, it is currently tested and monitored by different broadcasting companies.

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