Open Wi-Fi Connections Cannot Be Harmed By Illegal File-Sharing

The role of an open Wi-Fi network in copyright infringement has generated a lot of debate in the entire world. Lawyers abound both arguing for and against the liability of the owners of such networks in the event of any copyright infringement. While one side argues for the rightful claim of copyright-holders over their content, the other side insists that holding an individual owner responsible for the action of others is wrong. And in a recent case in Finland, the court sided with the latter group.

The Necessity of Internet

To imagine people’s lives without the internet is almost impossible. The degree of human dependence on this medium is too large at the moment. This has also meant that people have invested large amounts of money in multiple devices with web-access feature and a range of networking equipment to feed those devices.

The Role of Wi-Fi & Wireless Routers

Most of the networking that is today commonplace in many homes is of a wireless nature. It is widespread upto the extent where such wireless networking is almost considered a basic requirement of any house. This has meant that the humble wireless router, which enables such wireless networks, is now at the center of a raging battle between lawyers working on file-sharing lawsuits. The million dollar question is,

“Should the owner of a wireless and unprotected network be held responsible for copyright infringement committed on his network by another unauthorized person accessing it?”

A Landmark Judgment

A Finnish district court explained its stand vis-à-vis the above question following an almost two yearlong case pertaining to file-sharing. A summary of the case is as follows,

In 2010, a local woman was identified and subsequently sued for infringing a copyright by the anti-piracy group CIAPC. The group claimed that the woman accessed Direct Connect to impede on the rights of certain members of the entertainment industry. They demanded that the woman pay up an amount of 6000 Euros for them to drop the lawsuit or face harsh consequences.

The woman, in a show of remarkable gut, instead chose to fight the CIAPC in a court of law. The alleged offence took place on July 14th, 2010 during a 12 minute time window. This was also the time when the woman’s home was playing host to almost a 100 people. The alleged copyright infringement could have been committed by anyone of them by accessing her open Wi-Fi.

Failure of CIAPC & Implications of the Judgment

In the end, the CIAPC was unable to pin down the woman as the culprit of the copyright infringement that was committed. In its overview of the case, the Finnish court also examined prevailing EU laws on the issue before pronouncing the woman innocent.

The court ruled that the owners of Wi-Fi connections cannot be blamed responsible for copyright infringement acts committed by third parties. Conversely, this is a stand that still generates a lot of heated debate in the USA.

As for the CIAPC, they still do have the option of appealing in the European Court of Justice. Meanwhile the ruling will definitely cause concern among Teosto and IFPI, both of which are Finnish Composer’s Copyright Societies currently engaged in tracking down Finnish music pirates.

Mpaa Filter Censors Legit Torrent Files

The recent legal censorship injunction imposed on the search engine application of BitTorrent, has resulted in certain undue repercussions. In addition to filtering out targeted keywords, the MPAA filter (which, incidentally, has to be compulsorily applied right across the entire website) is also blocking perfectly legitimate web content too, including songs on the public domain.

Quite understandably, the management has not reacted kindly to this MPAA filter regulation, which is widely being regarded as too strict and restrictive. Gary Fung, the owner of the website, has even gone to the length of saying that such keyword filtering requirements (while present for certain Chinese search engines) are practically unheard of for web operators serving in the United States. A formal appeal against the injunction has also been filed on behalf of isoHunt. However, as the tumultuous legal proceedings rage on, torrent trackers have no other option but to comply by the new keyword filtering laws. The consequences of non-compliance are dire: isoHunt might even have to shut down its operations in the US if it does not abide by the keyword censorship regulations.

Adding further fuel to the controversy related to the MPAA filters is the fact that, even independent movies, uploaded by their directors themselves, are now being blocked. Search results related to both big Hollywood hits as well as short, online films are being filtered. A prime case in point in this regard would be director Brian Taylor’s 18-minute long supernatural flick ‘The Bite’. The frustrations of the director were particularly enhanced by the fact that his movie was getting remarkably good responses from American as well as European users, before the faulty censoring system took it off the web altogether. Music lovers looking for old classics from the 1930s are facing similar problems.

The MPAA filtering requirements have forced to take off many popular keyword combinations from the search lists and this, in turn, is preventing users from accessing their favorite web content. Quite a few valid, dictionary-verified words are being censored, contradicting the general right to free speech that is accorded to all individuals. With downloadable public domain materials now being blocked from view, opportunities to make money on the web have also taken a hit. The scopes for filmmakers to showcase their creativity via isoHunt have also diminished considerably, thanks to the MPAA filter.

The biggest irony of the entire confusion is that, the censorship regulations are, in fact, hampering the work of internet-based people who have never stolen any resource from the torrent site. Indeed, it is being feared that the implications of such restrictive injunctions might not be limited to the operations of isoHunt only. Even the keyword bases of the premier online search engines can also come under the scanner.

The idea of not being allowed to access authentic, non-pirated web content has not gone down well with general web users either. Many are even viewing the MPAA filter applications to be equivalent to a deliberate attempt to boycott all popular online resources with American origins from the World Wide Web.

Are Pirate Parties On the Win in Europe

What was unthinkable a few years ago can now very well become the reality. Pirate parties are finally making a mark many years after they were first established with personal liberty as their signature motto. A good example of this upswing can be found in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy and a hotbed of the anti-piracy movement.

A Roaring Success

As every day passes the Pirate Party seems to garner more support across Germany. The party has scaled never before seen heights and a good indication of the same was found in some of the recent polls. The party secured 13% of the total votes, which ranks it the third biggest party in the country now. This was the first time something like this had happened in the annals of history.

The success seems to have spread to neighbouring Austria, which too has seen the emergence of its own Pirate Party. That party secured 7% of the total votes in a recent poll and this result has thrown open the possibility of an entry into the national parliament.

The Rise of the German Pirate Party

The party was founded in the September of 2006 and since then has managed to script quite a few success stories. In many of the elected offices throughout Germany, Pirate Party members have a significant presence. This figure is higher than the compared figures for all other countries. The highlight though is undoubtedly the remarkable win in the Berlin state parliament elections, where the Pirate Party managed a vote share of 9%.

Building upon this success, the party decided to spread its wings in the rest of the country. And in what is a historic achievement, the German Pirate Party is now almost the country’s third biggest party in terms of vote share (13%). Even the Green Party was left behind with only 11% of the votes.

Popular Policies at the Core of the Win

The German Pirate Party’s policy is resonant with that of other pirate parties around the world. The policy places great importance on free knowledge, fundamental privacy and shared culture. These are the kinds of policies that strike a chord with the average citizen and judging from the just concluded polls, it is clear that people find favour with these points.

Challenges Ahead

While the performance in the polls was nothing short of impressive, bigger challenges lie ahead. Overcoming the corporate and anti-piracy lobby is going to be huge task for the Pirate Party. But the true challenge lies in the next elections of the German federation, which are scheduled at the end of 2013. Sustaining their popularity and converting them to votes is going to be one tough ask.

Spread of Popularity

Inspired by their German counterparts, the Austrian Pirate Party managed to gain 7% of the votes in recent polls. In a further confirmation of their presence as a major party, 22% of the voters said they could consider voting for it in future.

Will the minty-fresh German and Austrian Pirate Parties make significant inroads or will they go the way of the Swedish Pirate Party, which saw its fortunes decline rapidly post the European elections. The next few months will present a more complete picture.

Private BitTorrent tracker not always the best choice

Many people are seen to be interested to be affiliated with private bittorrent trackers for tracking free contents in a private way. Moreover, such kinds of trackers are efficiently used as a good file sharing program. Sometimes, users get confused with the name of private trackers and assume that the term ‘private’ denotes the facility of improving one’s privacy over the internet. Well, the fact is true up to some extent. Private trackers are capable of providing you more privacy than those trackers which are not private but the greatest advantage of using bittorrent private trackers is that one can get the high quality content in lesser time without any charge. Bittorrent file sharing programs are there to offer you the opportunity of faster downloads.

A lot of benefits accompany the utilization of private bittorrent engines such as fast downloading, rapid processing, easy assessment to the website and availability of good quality of data. They are termed as the ‘private’ sites for the reason they carry out the regulation of special community. In spite of all these benefits of the application, using bittorrent private trackers cannot be considered as the best choice because of its extremely stiff rules and regulations.

The strongest reason behind the fact that everyone cannot use a private tracker with its full efficiency is the rigid rule and difficulty of maintaining the processing of the website. The all one needs to be successful in bittorrent tracking is that the reliable actions and commitment for the terms and conditions of the website, once after it chooses to share and download the file of interest through this source. The rules of signing up in the website include the term of regular uploading and downloading the content. The main purpose for the application of this rule is that one can utilize the content by downloading it from the site but it also requires uploading it for other’s use. In case the user is not following this rule, he or she might be banned by the site or disqualified for certain facilities.

To get assisted with a bittorrent tracker, one needs invitation by the person who has already an account on the site. It cannot be signed up directly. Inviting a friend in the community of these websites is also a great responsibility. Even, their actions and practices which are harmful to the community can also harm your status there. One can also be banned by the private tracker if any of the users it has invited harms the community anyway.

The next thing one needs to keep in mind is that private bittorrent trackers are far organized and well maintained websites by quality point of view. Whenever, you upload any file in the web it must be in the definite format and well organized. Quality of the data is never compromised by the private tracker. These rules can vary for various websites but if you are not able to follow them, it is not the best choice for you. Just to be clear, isoHunt is an open torrent engine, so anyone can join directly without an invitation.

The world of digital music and mp3s

It is a difficult task to stay updated with the latest MP3 song and video releases, to anyone who is not aware of the sources from where they can get such information. Your aspects for latest videos can be aided through numerous web pages that are there on the web. Some web pages may also render paid services to their users, in this aspect. They will activate your account, as soon as you submit the subscription charges to their bank account. The users can start downloading their favorite music videos, immediately after the activation. However, most companies have a provision of providing free services to users. Their sole purpose is to direct the traffic towards their website.

People usually prefer visiting a website that renders all these services for free. However, they may be concerned with privacy, during the usage. So, always check for the validity of the website that you are about to visit. These websites are the only way through which a person can stay in touch with latest MP3 releases, and download their favoite MP3s instantly. The roots of digital music have spread like a virus. People use it pretty offently. They have authentic appearances, and their usage functionality have always been friendly for the users.

Most important thing to be remembered, at the time of MP3 files downloading, will be to locate a perfect website for the same. After you get done with this, then your next step should be to handle your download. You can handle the rest pretty easily. A person can locate websites for digital music and MP3s, just by making proper use of the search engines. Your search depends completely on the keywords that you will enter on that specific search engine for your favorite downloads.

It will be a good thing for a person to locate a website that have MP3 files with superb sound quality. Many have expressed that it really is inferior for them to get free services on things. However, the above fact is not true from all aspects, becuase most websites will help the users in downloading MP3s with ease. Most downloaded files would have superior sound quality. So, the quality of sound in MP3 file should not be an issue.

It is a serious recommendation to users to have a licensed and updated anti virus, before visiting these websites for digital music and MP3s. In general, most of the websites would recommend this to the visitors. A bulk of free MP3s can have malwares and viruses that can harm your computer. So, staying secure should be the top priority for any person who attempts to download files for free. One should also read and listen to what the previous users have to say about that particular digital music services provider. It is a crucial step towards free downloads. Reading the customer reviews can lead to astonishing MP3 files, without any kind of hassle. Apart from reviews, you can also talk to a friend or any person who has done free downloading previously.

Two big names: BitTorrent vs Utorrent explained

BitTorrent Inc. has produced both Utorrent and BitTorrent but there are striking dissimilarities between the two. Both of them are software meant for the purpose of downloading and uploading files. This is achieved with the help of BitTorrent protocol which was manufactured way back in 2001. The owner of BitTorrent, Mr. Bram Cohen holds the recognition for the manufacture of such an important protocol. The P2P technology also called peer-to-peer technology or connection is used in the process and makes downloading even large files possible. Large files can be downloaded from varied users at the same time by the combination of pieces and bits together. Thus, minimum resources are used for the purposes and more work is generated.

Prior to the arrival of version 6.0 in the market, bit torrent was largely in use as an unlocked source but not anymore. Now, it is available only by means of Microsoft Windows. The language C++ is used for the purpose of coding of the two programs. Besides sharing many similarities there are many differences which set them apart from each other. The first difference is that BitTorrent was the first one to implement bit torrent protocol while BitTorrent Inc. purchased Utorrent in the year 2006. Some other startling differences are BitTorrrent is also known as ‘Mainline’ owing to its official origin while no such name is known for Utorrent.

BitTorrent contains Search box for downloading and searching torrent files while in case of Utorrent one needs to customize the search box as per their needs. It also enables the user to know the figure of peers that it is linked to any given point of time. Multiple downloading can be done simultaneously with the help of BitTorrent software while this is not possible in case of Utorrent. The statistics is efficiently maintained by BitTorrent and are represented graphically. This makes it very user friendly. The portability of Utorrent is much more increased than BitTorrent while the graphical interface is more user friendly in case of BitTorrent. A single directory is used by Utorrent for the purpose of configuration settings and saving of temporary files. Thus the portability of Utorrent is found to be much more than BitTorrent. In case of BitTorrent, accidental shutdown does not cause much of a problem because of the innate recovery system. This feature is absent in case of Utorrent software. BitTorrent also enables the users to create their personal torrent files.

Utorrent does not support controlling from other system unless WebUI is plugged in. Utorrent also has a discreet version accessible for Mac OS.   Thus it is seen that it is accessible both with Mac OS as well as Microsoft Windows. Initially even Bit Torrent was an open source but after the advent of Version 6.0, it is only accessible by means of Microsoft Windows and thus acts as a closed source. In case of Utorrent, if any interference is observed, it enables the transfers to resume quickly. Thus, it can be said that in some cases BitTorrent owes an edge and in some other cases Utorrent has an edge.

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The isoHunt system is very simple to use

IsoHunt Pro proves to be the finest option for downloading torrent files. There is really no chance for a person to find any better website that offers easy downloads after focusing on this here. The website also provides assistance to its users for enabling them to understand the complete file sharing procedure of isoHunt. Numerous registered users are there now that prefer using the search engine. It comes with user friendly procedures for downloading torrent files in bulk quantity. The Sweden Government decided to raid a few documentaries, and then they asked for the removal of those documentaries from the websites. Reason behind the removal of those documentaries probably might be due to a couple of valid reasons.

Most recognizing feature that lies with isoHunt has to be the fact that it does not rely on any of the facts, the user can simply start using it. One can download any or every media file that they desire, because it is free. However, free only for people who have registered themselves in the site. Many people now prefer this website, because of its special concept of not to have illegal copyright materials. Ultimate collection of data and an astonishing program for file sharing has been the plus point of this application. It has great support for peer to peer transfers of torrent files.

A couple of moral issues are there that might be of a bit of concern for its users. Questions have always been there regarding the availability of security options for the application. Copywritten materials may also cause a little bit of a concern among its several active users. However, it is a legal activity to download free torrent files from the web into a persoal device, but there might be issues among the copyright holders of those torrent files, or for those websites. Their point of concern relates to the torrent engine’s indexes but this is really not an issue for the users.

Problems are there with the whole scenario of this concept of file sharing between several computers on the web. Is it valid? That is the most common concern. Another point of concern will be to ensure the validity of the data obtained by the website. One more sensitive matter is the utilization of the profits that the website earns from various product advertisements. With the help of this system, the users will keep a track on the market’s latest entries. This may also involve the existing product’s new version being launched in the market, or the introduction of relatively new products.

In 2007, isoHunt website was availed to the public. However, it was for a trial. The company came up with the original version, just a few months later. The indexes on isoHunt website still have downloadable torrent files in a significant quantity. That is the main reason behind this system being one of the largest P2P applications for file sharing. Several torrent engines are there, but it really stands apart from all those possibilities here.

Best quality movies from isoHunt

IsoHunt is one of the well reputed bittorrent search engine which is supported extensively by the internet service. It is a powerful site for providing the facility of downloading high quality movies. It is really impossible to find a technology oriented person not knowing the name of torrent websites. The movie providing website of isoHunt is the dream place for persons who like to watch movies. Doubtlessly, movies have been established there secured place over the world of entertainment. They are well known medium of fun, joy and recreation. Thus, they are often demanded highly among people. The isoHunt torrent website services are capable to deal with demand successfully. A person can get the idea for searching its favorite movie easily after entering into this website.

The large variety of movies available in the internet are offered by this efficient bittorrent search engine. Its extensive browsing power help it to provide the desired searching results within few seconds. The website also offers the detailed information about the movie regarding its size, time duration for download and no. of files etc. apart from the downloading process. The most lovable feature of this website is that it offers a high quality picturisation which cannot be obtained by any other website, certainly. Moreover, one should be a member of the site by registering itself over the website, to get all the best downloads. After signing up, it requires simply to enter name of the movie and search for it. Once it has been searched by the browser, it can be easily downloaded; without any interruption.

Another advantage of isoHunt is that it is capable to provide an ultimately enhanced speed of downloading. In case, if a person does not find the selected movies in the website, it can go for the optional chances offered extensively by the site to movie lovers. The wide range of films here involves the older releases of fifties and sixties as well as the latest releases. IsoHunt also carries out the ranking of various movies into certain aspects. This ranking can provide an idea about the concept and quality of the picture. Thus, one can decide its priority for the movie.

The latest informations suggest isoHunt as an advance and powerful search engine. One can also chat online with the other isoHunt viewers at a time. Due to its exclusive potential of offering movies, it has become the top movie provider among people. The website has been recorded for the high percentage of regular visits of its users. The users enjoy searching movies in this place very comfortably. It seems more convenient to them than any other website.

The unique features of isoHunt involve the mind blowing facility of watching movies online also. One can enjoy watching its favorite movie in the internet till the completion of downloading process. The regular updates in this web allow the new movies to affiliate with the place just after its release. Definitely, a movie lover should get connected with isoHunt Pro to boost up its movie collection.