isoHunt Lite

isoHunt Lite upgraded into isoHunt Pro 2012

When isoHunt was used for violation in 2010, the team had to downgrade the torrent tracker to a lower version that was named isoHunt Lite. It had been the only possible way to download media files in US and south east Canada after April 5, 2010. The users from US tried to hide their places with proxies in order to use the real isoHunt torrent site, but the result was slow and bad navigation.

In 2011, the team of isoHunt sat together and thought up something totally new and fresh. Now the better and 300% faster version of a p2p file exchanging system is released. It is called isoHunt Pro. The users in US and Canada can now also share files with the outer world. Fresh torrents, high speed of 7 Mb/s and new interface are only some of the many benefits that isoHunt Pro provides.

More is explained here or you can sign up for your membership here to join the 3 million people online.

The isoHunt Lite version has been facing some controversies regarding the hosting of copyright materials. Thus, the website has been subjected for judicial observation. It has been claimed for making available the copyright data to its users. There were some other sites also to bear such kind of elegations. The court had directed the instructions of removing all the suspected content from the searching sites but the team decided to change the version completely. In this way, the origin of isoHunt Pro has been taken place. On the other hand, the currently released  version of isoHunt is a better idea to use than the previous one. The current version features all the mind blowing properties of isoHunt series. The most important thing about the current version is that it excludes the shortcomings of the former system. It has been evolved in a totally new edition so that users can easily meet their objection of web browsing by going through this advanced version of isoHunt.