Amazon Echo Buds review

Amazon Echo Buds are compact wireless earbuds. They also break. Theoretically, they can be repaired. But the appearance after that will be far from perfect, if not worse. Therefore, any service center offers to buy new ones without even trying to repair them. In half of the cases in AppleLab, wireless headphones are brought with a complaint about sound deterioration.

Why Is It Hard to Hear in Amazon Echo Buds?

If they did not drop, they did not step on, they did not get moisture and this is not a factory defect in 9.5 cases out of 10 – this is pollution. The design of the earphone does not imply additional silicone tips. The thin mesh of the speaker is in direct contact with the auricle and the sulfur accumulated in it. Even if you thoroughly clean your ears every day, which is not recommended by doctors, sooner or later your headphones, due to accumulated dust and wax, sound quieter.

Treatment in this is one thing – cleaning. This procedure is quite realistic to do at home. But the probability of piercing a fine mesh with a toothpick or brush is very high. After such cleaning, a trip to get new headphones is guaranteed. If you don’t plan on doing this, bring them to AppleLab. Pick up a clean headset with great sound in 1 hour with wireless earbuds¬†amazon.

The connection is made via Bluetooth built into each of the headphones. The first step is to put them back in the case and hold down the button on the case until a white indicator appears. This will reset to factory settings. The problem is related to the controller, which is inside the headphone case, which is eliminated by replacing the entire case. The malfunction is associated with the earphone itself, most often with the battery inside it.

The Cleaning Procedure of Echo Buds

For those who are ready to pay with new headphones to satisfy their curiosity, we offer a small instruction on how it happens:

  • Cleaning begins with a charging case. Here, the greatest amount of dust and dirt accumulates at the bottom. For this, we use special cotton swabs and a brush with artificial bristles. In shape and rigidity, it resembles a brush made from women’s mascara. Since this device is in direct contact with the auditory organ, we complete the procedure by treating the case with 90% isopropyl alcohol.
  • Now let’s move on to the headphones. First, I wipe them with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Then they very carefully clean the speaker grilles and microphone. To clean the holes in the grate, precisely because they are clogged with dust, sulfur, the sound is reduced. To do this, use cotton swabs and the aforementioned brushes. You can try brushing with an old toothbrush, but the bristles are stiffer. Please note: the speaker grill is located in a hollow, as it were. The places where the grille contacts the cabinet wall are the most difficult to clean. If you apply a little more force, you risk tearing the grill.
  • Finish the work by treating it with the special liquid. It is better to do this with a small piece of lint-free cloth soaked in alcohol.