IsoHunt Shut Down in 2013, is it true?

IsoHunt has long been fighting against Hollywood and different music industries in courts across the globe. ISPs have blocked this site continuosly during the ten years this file-sharing system has been active. Today people are speaking about isoHunt shutting down the site after a tiring legal battle with MPAA. But is it true while the US Supreme Court has not yet made the final decision? Let us analyze it a bit more deeply.

During its existence isoHunt has been in war against MPAA for seven years. The fact is this site has been online for ten years, so basically the founder and owner of the torrent engine, Gary Fung, has had nervous times 70% of the period. In the end, it would be rather logical that the man is speaking about shutting down the site and giving victory to the industries and MPAA. Fung sees the path as a finished race towards online freedom and is confident about his decision. He confirms that every user’s data has remained private throughout the path of isoHunt, and adds that no IP or email address has ever been shared to anyone else. According to the owner, isoHunt will go offline very soon. The MPAA is of course happy as ever to hear that news and the story does not end here – they want $110 million dollars fine from Gary Fung also. According to some reliable sources Mr. Fung is willing to pay it to end this war here and now. MPAA sees the decision as a good sign for others not to enter the field of activity, and therefore believes this action will save thousands of jobs. But as said before, the legal action is not over yet, as the statement applied by isoHunt to the Supreme Court is still pending and these two parties may start to conquer again real soon. This kind of a cat and mouse chase is not going to end yet, let it be isoHunt or any else search engine, there can be nothing illegal if it is run the legal way.

Having said that, it is obvious file-sharing will not vanish. There will be isoHunt alternatives whenever it might disapper, but to this day there are different sources sharing isoHunt data much faster and better than its engine found on the homepage. Noone should encourage internet users to infringe copyright laws but everyone should understand that people can share data that belongs to them and there is no person to prohibit it. While Gary Fung is making the final call and taking action that might not like to millions of people online, there will be source to replace the current main engine. Think smart, be creative, there are lots of choices not far away from you.